Basement Wall Leak Repairing Tips

Your basement room is having a leak? And maybe you are trying to fix it yourself or trying to contact basement waterproofing contractors toronto. There are several things that need to be considered before an expert for basement waterproofing services Toronto does his job. The following are things that must be considered when improving your basement space:

1. Avoid repairing basement walls when standing water is still there.

During the heavy rainy season, there are many cases of wet basement after rain that occur, as cracks in the basement walls even if only an inch or two allow water to enter. But it must be noted, before you start to repair cracks in the walls, make sure to remove all the water from the floor. Working in a basement that is still flooded increases your risk of getting electrocuted or electrocuted. For further safety, make sure you turn off the electricity in the basement, then use a utility pump to drain the water. Use an extension power cord to use the mains power from above to start the pump in the basement.

2. Fill the cracks using hydraulic cement.

The bottom of the basement wall is the area where the cracks are most commonly found. Before pouring the foundation, be sure to pour the cement into the wide flat section of concrete and reinforced steel designed to support the walls. The goal is to strengthen the footing first after hardening then proceed to pour the next cement. This creates a cold joint, where the weak point in the foundation between the wall and the footing will be the beginning of the development of cracks due to shifting and settling of the foundation along with the lateral stress from the soil. This basic construction procedure will prevent the appearance of cracks from this weak point.

You can do this crack sealing yourself because it is relatively simple, you just need to fill it with hydraulic cement. Hydraulic cement contains additives that cause the cement to expand and harden more rapidly. Mix hydraulic cement with water to a heavy putty consistency and add cement to the cracked area using a glove or a putty knife. Mix as much as you need for three minutes, because as the hydraulic cement that is inserted into the crack expands, it will push deep into the crack to form a watertight bond.

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3. Make sure to patch window leaks.

As a common source of basement wall leaks, window wells should be considered as they tend to hold water when a proper drainage system is not installed under the well when your house is built. As a result, the water pooled around the bottom of the basement window and then seeped in.

Of course it is not an easy thing to install a drainage system in the window well after a flood. Try to dig about two feet lower in the well area, then fill the room with gravel to help the rainwater spread out rather than collect in the window well. Then make sure to caulk the area around the windows with a caulk that is suitable for masonry. Install a sloping well cover over the window to direct rainwater away.