Benefits of Car Wrap

A growing number of car enthusiasts prefer to wrap their cars in vinyl film rather than repaint them, for a variety of reasons. Vinyl Wrap Car in Houston offers many advantages over repainting:

• Give your car a new look

Most vinyl wraps are between 2mm and 4mm thick, depending on the style and color chosen, and can be made to fit even the most intricate modern supercar shapes. Car Wrap in Houston has so many options that will amaze everyone. Color, pattern, aesthetics, even placement: everything is customizable. There are several brands to choose from, some even offering switching color schemes that are designed to change with light. There are several vinyls that mimic other materials such as stainless steel, carbon fiber, and leather, as well as various finishes such as satin, gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finish. There is also an option to digitally create your personal design. Really, when it comes to car wrapping, the creative possibilities are nearly endless.

• Protects the original paint layer from minor damage

If the car is high quality or factory painted, car wrapping can do only two things: cover and protect it. No need to be afraid of damaging the paint. In fact, vinyl will act as a barrier between paint and exposure to weather, rock and other debris, and normal wear and tear over time.

There are several versions of vinyl, known as paint protection film (or PPF for short) that are designed to protect – as the name implies – without changing the color or texture of the paint. If PPF is implemented correctly, you will not know if any car has implemented PPF.

Vinyl Wrap Houston

• Modern materials and the latest installation technology will not damage the paint when applying or removing the car vinyl wrap.

If at any point you decide to sell your car, or just want to try a different look, you can remove the car cover. However, removing the vinyl wrap can be done one or two ways depending on the previous treatment. First of all, it is best to return the car to the original shop that installed the wrap. If the wrapper is structurally intact, removing it is easy, only takes about 3 to 4 hours and costs about $ 600. If removal is difficult because the wrap comes loose because it breaks, then the time and labor costs will inevitably go up.

Oh no, there are scratches, dings, or tears in the wrapping of a new car. What should you do? Don’t worry 🙂 Like most services performed on cars, vinyl wrapping comes with a warranty. Depending on who is doing the wrapping, there may be several or many options. Every detail has its own warranty period, but the average warranty period lasts between 1 and 5 years, considering that the life of a full car wrap is estimated to be 3 to 5 years (7 years if you do maintenance it very well). However, what is guaranteed and what is not depends on who guarantees.