Choosing the Right Sports Shirt

A sports shirt is usually a short-sleeved shirt with elastic bands of the same length from the neck to the hem, usually made of cotton, polyester, or spandex. Sports shirts can also be made of light, breathable fabrics, like cotton, polyester and spandex, for added comfort. Sports shirts are usually not worn without socks.

Synthetic Materials. More commonly used now-a-days, synthetic materials in sports shirts come in two types: natural fiber and synthetic polypropylene. Natural fibers are usually more comfortable and durable than synthetic ones, but synthetics are lighter weight and do not absorb sweat as easily as natural fibers do. Most synthetic materials are dyed to make them appear more like their natural fiber counterparts, but this can sometimes end up in unfavorable colorations.

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Technology. Today, sports shirts come in various forms of technology to make them better and more functional. From mesh ventilation holes, collar snaps, zipper closures, and many more, these new designs and features make sports shirts more practical than ever. more – they all utilize technology designed to keep microbes and other allergens out. Jackets can be made from materials such as bamboo fibers to help prevent sweating and body odor. Bamboo fabric for a sports shirt may help keep out the bugs while keeping you cool and dry.