Close protection Bodyguard is one of the very important parts of a security team

Bodyguard also plays an important role in preventing crime from being committed by an individual. They are supposed to help police officers during a chase or a job search. Bodyguard have all the knowledge that a police officer does. A bodyguard is trained to arrest anyone whom he suspects of committing a crime. They are professionally trained agents of the police force and can only be used by the police under their command.

A close protection system is usually used for the protection of business, malls, highways, banks and other such places. The close protection systems are normally composed of a bodyguard and a private security guard who are closely associated with each other. hire close protection systems that include bodyguards, private security guards and surveillance cameras. Bodyguard offers the best close protection services, as they are the only ones who can arrest an attacker and save lives.

A close protection system is made up of two major components; the close protection officer and the security personnel. The close protection officer is the one who has the authority to control and direct all activities of the security guards and bodyguards. The security personnel consists of special agents who can carry out the duties of a close protection officer. Such agents include highway patrol agents, bomb technicians, plainclothes cops and many more. It is important that the close protection system should be well maintained and updated to provide maximum protection to the public.