Digital Marketing Techniques and Applications

Digital marketing is the part of direct marketing which uses digital and web based technologies like desktop computers, hand held mobile phones and various other digital media and networking platforms to advertise products and services and promote business. It is basically an application of the Internet to reach out to prospective consumers through the electronic means. There are various digital marketing techniques and they include search engine marketing, Pay per Click (PPC), e-mail marketing, media buying, affiliate marketing, content marketing, viral marketing and web 2.0 strategies. These techniques are adopted by different companies because they can be used for Internet marketing, offline marketing and even cross channel marketing.

The digital marketing techniques are used for promoting businesses on the Internet. Many companies spend heavily on advertising their products, services and offers online so that more people know about them. But, what if people do not know about the company or product? What if instead, what if when somebody searches about the product or service he gets a list of websites that offer the same thing but at a lower cost? In this case, the digital marketing technique used is to place the advertisements offline and promote the same through the electronic devices.


E-marketing is mostly used for online marketing campaigns but some companies also use it for offline promotions. One such way in which the E-marketing can be used is by placing digital marketing ads on the electronic devices that are carried by the prospective consumer on a daily basis. For instance, if a person searches for a particular product he gets a list of websites which offer the same product at a lower price but when he searches again, another site comes up which advertises the same product at a higher price. Thus, the E-marketing helps in driving massive amount of traffic to that site and thereby increase sales.