Famous Inventions – Thomas Edison

Many of the inventions that make the news are considered to be “famous inventions”. However, there are also many inventions that are not so well known that we can consider them famous inventions. For instance, the electric shaver has been around for a long time. Some people still do not use them. There are some other inventions that have been around much longer than people may think, and you might want to find out about them as well.


Let’s take the light bulb for example. If you asked someone what invention was the most famous invention, most people would say the light bulb. But did the light bulb actually invent the light? Not really. The idea for the light bulb was probably inspired by an idea given to Thomas Edison by a German scientist.

Another example of a very famous invention comes from the steam engine. Although people already knew about steam engines long before they actually invented them, they were not in widespread use until the latter part of the nineteenth century. Before then, steam engines were used in pumping water or for blowing fire. People actually used steam engines to power boats, but the real breakthrough came when someone realized that they could use the principle of the engine to create power.

Many people are surprised to learn that one of the most famous inventions was actually the binnacle. The binnacle is another example of an ancient machine that was later developed to become electricity-powered. How did this happen? The inventor of the binnacle actually had the same idea as many people who come to our country a hundred or more years ago. Instead of using stone to make the foundation of his water pump, he used wood. When he made the wood into a mold, he created the binnacle.

An even older example of an invention that was later discovered to be a cure for diseases is the microscope. People did not realize how useful the microscope really was until the nineteenth century. In fact, it was not until the nineteenth century that people realized that the microscope could actually cure diseases. microscope inventions like the electric shaker and the magnifying glass changed the way we understood the world around us. Imagine what it would have been if those two things had not been invented! The history of the microscope will go on to become just as famous as many other inventions.

Today, many people still wonder about why Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. Even though he may not always seem to be happy about the fact, his genius is well recognized. One of the best inventions of all time, the light bulb, was born from a man who clearly understood what was possible with electricity.