Heating Insulation – Heating Your New Build Home Effectively

If you have ever noticed the difference in cost between underfloor heating insulation and standard insulation, then you will know why this is. Standard insulation is quite expensive, not only because of the material involved, but also because it has to be fitted into the ceiling space with wires and strips. However, with the innovative technology of today’s manufacturers, underfloor heating insulation is now much more affordable and is actually very easy to install.

Underfloor heating is especially effective if your home is already built, as there is much less need for it. This is because underfloor heating insulation actually warms up the floor at an even rate, without the need for heating coils to keep the floor evenly warmed. Radiant floor heating is the most common type of underfloor heating, as it consists of a radiant membrane that is installed directly under the floor space. This type of underfloor heating is also quite efficient, as it radiates heat from the floor upwards, meaning that your home retains more warmth throughout the cold months and retains the warmth better during the warmer times. Another advantage of radiant floor heating insulation is that it can easily be installed in different areas of your home. This means that you are able to optimize your heating system in order to suit the different rooms in your home.

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The cost of installing a new build heating system may be quite high, but with the use of modern technology it is now possible to fit such systems into new build homes. If you are considering a new build home then make sure that you find out whether the heating is fully insulated. If you are having trouble fitting this type of heating system, then you could always ask your builder to help you out. It may also be worthwhile contacting a heating insulation specialist company to help you out with the process of fitting your new build system.