Home Automation Brings Safety to the Home

Home security encompasses both the physical security hardware installed on a home and people’s personal protection practices as well. Security hardware typically includes deadbolts, multiple levels of security lockers, windows, and glass break detectors. The physical aspect of home security involves securing doors and windows, adding deadbolt locks to all interior doors, maintaining a good working system of deadbolts, and installing good interior lighting and motion detectors. The personal aspect of home security involves making sure no one enters the home when you are not there, always having someone at the ready in case of an emergency such as a fire or smoke event, installing a dog fence, installing a panic button, learning effective panic-managing techniques, and maintaining a clear mind about what is going on in the home while you are not there.

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In addition to the physical components of home security systems, people must practice good home security habits. These habits include not writing down keys or a code that can be used to gain access to a house, not carrying extra keys for trips or outings, making sure the batteries in electronic locks are replaced on a regular basis, avoiding hiding valuables in places where they cannot be seen, doing unexpected repairs or modifications to the home, and staying aware of the homeowner’s insurance policy and renewal dates. Many homeowners may also want to protect their belongings through deadbolts, motion alarms, and glass break detectors. For many families, a combination of all these elements would be the ultimate home security system. However, if the family does not practice good safety habits regarding their belongings, the home security systems will not be as effective as they should be.

Other aspects of home automation are becoming more popular as well. The concept of integrating a home security system with high-tech wireless home security systems is gaining in popularity. Automated lighting and video surveillance equipment is another option that is becoming increasingly popular. Finally, other home automation options such as remotely controlling lighting and thermostat systems via computers and other electronic devices are gaining in popularity. Whatever option a family chooses, one thing is clear: automated home security systems will provide greater peace of mind and increased energy savings for families in the years to come.