How to Build a Wooden Hot Tub

If you want to have a wooden hot tub at home, there are a few steps that you should take first. While the wood is pre-cut and easy to work with, you will need to use some simple tools and water to complete the process. After assembling the wood, allow it to swell for a few days before using it. You may experience some leaks for the first few days, but they should stop after about a week.

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Wooden hot tubs require a large amount of lumber that is sourced from old-growth trees. The heartwood, or center cut of a tree, is the best wood for these tubs. Avoid using inferior cuts, because they may leak or split. The best way to avoid this is to use copper-based sanitizers. Copper ions have been shown to effectively kill bacteria and algae. A copper-based sanitizer is an ideal choice for wooden hot tubs.

Another important benefit of wooden hot tubs is their durability. Unlike acrylic or rotomolded spas, these tubs don’t lose their appearance over time. Some wooden hot tubs will even look better after a few years. Additionally, a wooden hot tub is a more affordable option than an expensive rotomolded spa. You can even build your own wooden hot tub by following a DIY kit. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a spa, a wood-based hot tub is a good alternative to a budget rotomolded tub.

Another advantage to having a wooden hot tub is that it doesn’t require expensive chemicals to maintain its appearance. The wood used for these tubs has medicinal properties and can withstand exposure to UV light. A wooden hot tub can improve metabolism and cleanse the body. Moreover, the warm water is known to boost mood and improve energy levels. If you want a wooden hot tub that will last for many years, you can consider a spruce model.

There are a number of types of wood that can be used for a wooden hot tub. The most common is Western red cedar. It has the same durability, toughness and rot resistance as yellow cedar. The wood also has an earthy reddish color that blends with the surroundings. Wooden hot tubs should be stained outside to maintain their original color and prevent them from turning grey with age. They are also more expensive than acrylic hot tubs.

If you’re looking for a wooden hot tub for your home, a cedar model might be an excellent choice. Cedar is a highly aromatic wood and is extremely durable. It retains its look longer than other types of wood and is resistant to mold and bugs. This ensures a more peaceful, relaxing experience. A wooden hot tub will give you and your family years of enjoyment. So go ahead and get one for your home!

Wooden hot tubs are often heated by electric heaters. To run an electric heater, you must install a 240V circuit in your home, and you can adjust the temperature with a control panel near the tub. However, some wooden hot tubs use gas/propane heaters. If you live in a colder climate, a gas/propane heater may be a better choice. Propane is more expensive than natural gas.