How to Use a Bunker rake

There are lots of new golf courses with a huge variety of bunkers, and every one of them includes a wide variety of bunker rakes. Some of them have to be repotted every year and many have maintenance people that work on them every day during normal bunker maintenance. But what is a bunker rake, how do you use it, and why does it cost so much? A brief explanation of this type of equipment may help you decide if you should buy or rent.

A bunker rake is a special kind of golf club that is made to handle the different kind of swings needed to hit a ball into a bunker. It has to be able to reach the top of the sand traps so that the club can clear them of debris and other golf equipment. The best ones are made from titanium, because they can swing the club without damaging the metal. It was designed to make the backstroke and downstroke much easier on golfers because it helps the player to avoid breaking too much sand off their clubs. And because it requires less force, they actually help you gain more yards per shot.

john deere bunker rakes

bunker rakes all have a similar basic design, but there are a few differences. Some have a handle bar that allows you to position the club better for your grip. Some of them also have an adjustable head that allows the club to hit the exact spot, helping you improve your game. Some of them are made with special composite materials that are more durable and weather resistant than regular plastics. All of these things add to their durability and the fact that they are very light, making them easy to carry around. They are not as strong as high-impact plastic heads, but they still handle the pressure better.