Inspections and the Real Estate Investor

Investing in real estate with home and building inspections can be a difficult decision making process. It’s extremely important for you to have all the facts needed to make the best decision possible. So Tiger Home and Building Inspections hold the standards of excellence in New Castle real estate and building inspection services. We have an experienced team of professional inspectors that are committed to providing only the most thorough and professional inspection service to individuals, commercial and residential clients. The inspection services we offer are designed to help you find any defects in your home or building at no additional cost.

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As an investor, whether it is first time home buyer or seasoned real estate veteran, it is essential to have real estate inspections performed. When investing in real estate, it is also important to know if the property is in good condition and free from any safety issues. Many investors will make an offer and will want to know the condition of the property. If the deal was made and the property accepted then there is no need to re-evaluate the investment. But this is not always the case.

Many times buyers will want to know if the home has been repaired or remodeled. Also, the buyer may want to know what work has been done on the property. Either way, the real estate agent has a responsibility to the buyer to provide complete disclosure. With this responsibility in mind, a real estate inspection company will offer its clients a full range of building inspections to choose from to ensure that your investment is sound and will provide you years of satisfaction.