Laminate Flooring and Its Durability

Laminate flooring is basically a multi-layered synthetic composite flooring material fused together with a laminated lamination procedure. Laminate floors simulates real wood with an attractive photographic applique coating on the top surface. The upper core layer, typically made of melamine resin, is often composed of fiberboard resins and polyurethane.
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In addition to the striking appearance of laminate flooring, it offers high scratch, dent and impact resistance. However, the real value of the product is in its practical use. This is especially true of its durability and low maintenance requirements. Laminate floors are made with care and by using quality craftsmanship, they are able to withstand normal wear and tear with hardly any noticeable signs of wear and tear, even after many years of constant usage. It is also capable of resisting moisture from seeping into the surface, making it an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom floors.

Laminate is available in many different color finishes and patterns that can be customized according to your needs. You can get it installed professionally or you can do it yourself. With professional help, you have the option of getting refinished or engineered hardwood floors, which is also known as wood veneer. Although engineered hardwood has a higher price, you can save money by choosing this method of installation. Whether you choose to do it yourself or get professional help, you can enjoy the benefits of laminate flooring materials.