People who suffer from sleep disorders tend to overeat

Many people mistakenly think that sleep apnea is just an snoring habit. It’s true that the condition is evident by snoring. However, the issue is deeper and rooted than the snoring. Sleep apnea is that causes tissues to collapse in the airway can cause breathing to stop when one is asleep. These episodes be anywhere from a single minute to just 30 seconds, and they can be repeated several times throughout the night. The result is sleep disruption and ultimately, a deficiency of oxygen being processed throughout the body, causing severe health problems in the long-term. The positive side is that the sleep apnea problem can be successfully controlled in the last 20 years using Continuous Positive Airway (CPAP) devices and an Apnea Mask.

A few of the symptoms of sleep apnea are the incessant snoring that is common, interrupted sleep, or choking or gurgling noises in sleep. Also, many people weigh too much or suffer from excess the skin tissue around their throats.

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Sleep deficiency:

Sleep Apnea sufferers generally experience what’s known as superficial sleep. They are identified by frequent interruptions in sleep. They don’t get their complete amount of sleep the body requires to heal. This means that their days are strewn with tiredness and anger. Some people also accidentally sleep in the middle of the day. Although it’s not a good thing for them if it happens while they’re dusting their home or reading an article, the results are more severe in the event that someone is driving a vehicle. The current statistics show that car accidents are much more frequent among people with sleep apnea problem.

Insufficient sleep can cause common fatigue in the form of awkwardness, irritability, and not focus on the task that is at hand. This can affect the individual’s work or academic performance and render them ineffective and less focused on results.

People who suffer from sleep disorders tend to overeat, which causes many sufferers of sleep apnea to gain excess weight. The result of all this will leave people anxious and unruly. The occurrence of temper swings is not uncommon and anxiety is commonplace often.

Oxygen shortage:

Sleep Apnea can hinder the body’s ability to absorb oxygen. Because breathing is frequently restricted or blocked by the airway’s tissues being collapsed and the proper amount of oxygen are not being absorbed into the body. To compensate for the absence of oxygen the cardiovascular system is likely to be under greater stress to create more oxygen. This may result in the heart working too hard, which can eventually lead to high blood pressure and stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular issues.

A Solution CPAP as well as Apnea Mask

If you think that you are the only sign of a sleeping disorder, it is essential to get the problem checked immediately by your physician. It’s a condition that can be treated and there are plenty of ways to treat it, such as surgical intervention. The most well-known method of treatment is the use to Continuous Positive Air Pressure Device (CPAP) and an apnea mask. The CPAP device makes use of air pressures to open airways that are blocked. Apnea masks are fitted with a strap or is attached to the user’s mouth, nose or both. The air pressure is released through the CPAP compressor via tubing to the apnea mask that releases the air through the blocked airway.

CPAP devices will be prescribed to you by your physician. If you want to detect sleep apnea your doctor will refer you to an Sleep Laboratory for a couple of days of testing to determine whether you’re really experiencing apnea-related sleep disturbances. If it’s found that you suffer from sleep apnea, then you will be equipped with an CPAP device and an apnea mask to treat the apnea issue.

CPAP therapy is a success rate in combating sleep apnea. Almost all insurance organizations, Medicare, and Medicaid regularly cover the treatment. Therefore, if you suspect that you suffer from sleep apnea it is advisable to consult your physician whether CPAP therapy can help you. In the end, it’s not only a solution to serious health issues however, for a large number people who use it, they have a good night’s rest and for the first time since many years!