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Planning Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Modern marketing strategy has been shifting from a certain community to a certain individual. However, the individual who becomes the concentration of the whole marketing plan is not your common person. These selected people are the ones who have the ability to influence people around them to do what they do. The people who possess this ability are called influencers and nowadays, there are even influencer marketing companies. The influencer marketing company could help you to choose the right person to do the job. Influencers are people who are renowned for their knowledge and expertise in a certain industry. Although it looks pretty simple, a single influencer could actually bring a significant impact on the market influencer marketing company

An influencer would be very active on various social media platforms. As long as they are active, their followers would always watch what they do and some would even prefer the recommended brands. This is where influencer marketing differs from the conventional marketing. Companies used to give their effort so much for building brand awareness. They have to rent or even build billboards, and spend quite a number of funds on the ads. But nowadays, people are not paying much attention to billboards, or if they do, there are too many variables that could emerge from their response. Rather than trying the products they know from billboards or digital adverts, people rather try something they hear from people they trust. It is not about the brand, but the experience from a person who is recognized to be the expert in the topic. Before planning your influencer marketing strategy using the service from influencer marketing company, here are some things to consider:

* How big the audience and the reach are
Each influencer has a different reach and audience. Depending on the industry you are in, you might need a specific influencer for the job. Don’t hesitate to do your research and suggest some names you think might suit for the job.

* Do they have the necessary network
Influencers might have their own relation with the other brands from the same industry. Make sure there are no competitors using the same influencer as yours. On the other hand, some influencers might relate to a certain brand that might support your own. Make sure to never miss the details!

* How active are they on social media platforms
You need an influencer who is very active on social media, especially the ones he/she uses. Just from their activity you can predict how well it will go before you decide to use their services.

* How their followers react to their posts
The good side from using the influencer marketing company services is that you could always get immediate results. Make sure to check the reaction from their followers on social media of the designated influencer before you make decisions. You should only agree to hire influencers with lots of positive reactions from their posts. This way, the reach and engagement of your marketing plan would be secured even before starting the campaign.