Q and A About Injury Compensation Law

A: Any lawyer specializing in personal injury compensation law will be more than happy to help you with your compensation claim following an injury caused by a pharmaceutical product. Unfortunately there is often an air of uncertainty around this area of personal injury law because it is so complex and it is easy to make mistakes as a layman. This is why many lawyers have turned to the services of expert accident solicitors to assist them with their work. They are able to make decisions as to whether you should receive a lump sum, a share or a substantial amount of money over time as your compensation.

Q: What about if my injury isn’t really “good” enough to claim? Are there any special circumstances in which my injury is not worth pursuing?

A: Every case is different and there are some very good reasons why you may wish to consider pursuing an injury compensation claim against the manufacturer of the product that caused your injury. For instance, if you suffer permanent injuries, the chances are you will never use the product again, therefore any payout you receive will be greatly reduced. However there are other reasons why you may wish to pursue your injury claim, for example if the injury was sustained as the result of negligence by the company who manufactured the product you were injured by.

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Q: Who is covered by workers compensation?

A: If you have been injured at work or suffered long-term health problems because of your work, then you may well qualify for workers compensation benefits. For most people this is simply the financial means of getting their medical expenses paid for and to continue living their life normally. If you have been out of work due to an injury then your medical expenses are covered by the workers’ compensation scheme. You can also recover punitive compensation from an employer if they fail to make suitable safety provisions for you on the job. This is what is known as “workers compensation fraud”.