Recall was expanded to affect more vehicles

A rash of safety issues resulted from the recent Takata Airbags recall. The company claimed that the chemical compound in its airbags causes them to burst, making them particularly dangerous in warmer environments. The U.S. government has ordered the recall of these airbags, and fined it $70 million. A $130 million penalty is also imposed on the company for violating a contract with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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It now affects 53 million vehicles around the world. This recall has now become the biggest automotive recall in the U.S. The dangerous component of the airbag can explode, eject metal pieces into a passenger compartment and inflict serious injury to its occupants. Takata has issued a recall of nearly 34,000,000 vehicles. The recall includes airbags for Toyotas, Fords, Mazdas, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Subaru vehicles.

Takata’s recall of airbags is the largest in automotive history. It affects 19 automakers and tens to millions of vehicles. Defective airbags can cause severe injuries and even death due to high humidity and temperatures. Takata has replaced over 50 million vehicles in its fleet with replacements that contain a desiccant to prevent the Takata airbag from exploding. The new airbags will withstand the extreme heat and humidity of a hot, humid environment.

The recall is ongoing, but there is no date yet. However, the company has now updated their list. Customers are encouraged to continue checking the NHTSA website as well as contacting their car manufacturers. The NHTSA website contains information about the recall as well as steps to protect consumers. Takata is also recalling thousands of vehicles all over the globe. Takata claims that this issue is restricted to hot and humid locations.

Mazda and Toyota also expanded their Takata Airbag Recall in certain vehicles. While neither company has yet to announce a date for replacement airbags in their vehicles, a Toyota spokesperson stated that replacement parts are available. The recall involves many automakers, including Honda, Mazda and Toyota. Takata stated that it will continue to lead the airbag industry up until demand is met.

A second death has been reported as a result of the Takata airbag. A 2005 Honda Civic driver was killed when an SUV hit him. Reuters also reported that at least 400,000 replacement inflators for airbags are required. Carmakers have now added vehicle identification numbers (VIN) to their websites in order to notify owners. Recalls can take up to a few months. However, consumers are advised to check with their vehicle manufacturer before making a final decision.

Because of the increased risk of rupture in airbag deployment, high-risk Hondas and Acura vehicles have been identified by NHTSA. The airbag ruptured, smashing the passenger’s side window and sending high-temperature pieces into the dashboard. The Takata Takata Airbag was responsible for the accidental fire that started, even though the driver sustained minor injuries. The Takata airbags were defective and caused the subsequent fire.