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The right decision in choosing an SEO company can be a big consequence for the survival of your business. The wrong SEO selection can lead to a drastic decrease in search engine result ranking and immediately lead to a decrease in internet user traffic to your web pages which means you will lose many potential customers who potentially turn into loyal customers of your business. And vice versa, increased sales, savings in advertising budgets, the increasing flood of internet user traffic to your website, everything will happen with the right SEO partnership. Therefore, before contacting the SEO company, you should consider some points.

Responspartner is an SEO byrÄ in Oslo

SEO is not magic, but a technique to drive organic traffic for free to your website. In other words, if you meet with companies that claim to be SEO experts and talk about Google’s algorithm abstractly or even claim to play a mystic about SEO, they can be con artists. To understand SEO well requires understanding how search engines work, the details of algorithms and their changes, and the ability to modify SEO itself. Techniques that involve shortcuts such as keyword stuffing, cloaking and buying links may violate search engine rules, aka Black Hat SEO. And if Google finds this violation, they will reduce your site’s traffic and ranking. Some SEO practitioners actually sell this expensive Black Hat SEO practice to customers because it is claimed to be a more accurate special technique.

To avoid misunderstanding, before hiring a professional SEO company, you must describe exactly what you want to achieve with SEO. Using SEO is not merely to increase organic traffic to your site, but you can also increase sales of your products through optimization of certain keywords, or even reduce your website’s bounce rate and increase your conversion ratio. You also need to identify your needs for a broad audience or a smaller (local) audience, or do you expect your audience to spend more time or on average on your website. You can even use SEO to build followers to your social media and get increased advertising revenue.

You should not choose a SEO company based on their ranking in the search engine, because only SEO companies that still have no customers who bother to spend their time to improve their ranking in search engines. The best SEO company certainly has a lot of flying hours, which means this company already has many customers, which also means they are too busy optimizing websites for their customers rather than wasting time optimizing their sites in search engines. If you already know a particular SEO company, you may just search for them in a search engine, for example using the keyword “Responspartner delivers SEO in Oslo.” And it does not mean to assume that all the best “list of SEO company” article makers are paid, in general, companies that appear on such lists already pay a premium of a certain value. But that does not mean all the makers of these articles cannot be trusted, there are also lists of leading SEO companies that are made free of charge from observations of individuals or even certain companies.

Then what is the best way to find the best SEO company? Actually the best SEO company can actually be found by word of mouth, you are certainly more able to trust the results of recommendations from colleagues in professional groups or entrepreneurs, but certainly not from the mouth of your competitor’s company directly.