Technician will turn off the AC unit and open the unit

In order to properly maintain your air conditioning unit, you should start with the basics. Check the electrical connections, unclog drainage pipes, recharge the gas supply, and change the filter. You should also check the fins to see if they’re bent or crooked. If you find any of these, you can use a fin straightening tool to fix them. If you’re unsure about how to do this, ask a professional to do it for you.

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After the inspection, you’ll want to clean the outside of the unit. If there are any plants or shrubs near the unit, they can restrict airflow, which can damage the AC unit. Similarly, if there are leaves or debris in the drainage lines, you’ll want to clean them off. Your technician will also need to check the blower motor, thermostat, and lubricate all ports and moving parts. The technician should also inspect the evaporator’s drain pipe to ensure that it’s clean.

You should also remove debris from the area surrounding the air conditioning unit. Keep the pad in a level position, and avoid landscaping within two feet of the unit. It’s important to check the condenser’s ductwork for cracks. A misaligned air conditioning unit can cause parts to fail prematurely. To ensure proper alignment, use a level tool and rot-resistant shims. This will bring the outdoor unit back to its original position.

The technician will turn off the AC unit and open the unit. They will clean the condenser coils and inspect the wiring and connections. They’ll also wipe away any visible dirt with a broom. They’ll use an electric test meter to check capacitors and check for loose connections. If you’re not comfortable doing this, contact a qualified HVAC expert for help. You can schedule a bi-annual maintenance visit with your HVAC technician to ensure that your system is working properly.

You should also have your air conditioner checked periodically. A technician should check the electrical connections and drain pipe. It should be free from rust, corrosion, and other stains. Besides cleaning the coils, the technician should check the compressor and other components. They’ll check the air filter and replace the old one. Then, the technician will check the blower motor and the thermostat. These are the most vital components of your air conditioning system.

A technician will give your air conditioner an overall check. He will test the voltage and the compressor. He’ll also check the vents and ducts. He will check for signs of overheating. Blackened or melted insulation on wires is an indication that your air conditioning system needs to be replaced. The electrical connections should be tight and the capacitors should not be damaged. If you’re uncomfortable with this, call a local HVAC professional. These maintenance visits are very important for keeping your system running efficiently.