Texting While Driving – What Do You Do If Your Child Is Involved in a Car Accident?

Is it against the law to text and drive in Virginia? Well, the short answer is no. Texting while behind the wheel is considered a major violation and is illegal in Virginia. A texting while driving citation usually carries a fine of $125 and/or a suspended license for the first offense.

Teenagers are the most frequent victims of car accidents in Virginia. In fact, according to statistics, more than nine out of every ten car accidents in Virginia involve young drivers. For some reason, many parents do not let their teens to drive. In reality, the increased risk of accidents among teenagers is due to their poor driving habits. Many teens get into car accidents because of immature attitudes and behaviors.

What can you do as a parent to keep your teen from texting and driving? One good idea is to make sure your child takes enough care when on the road. Teach your teen to stay away from the phone if the vehicle is not in park. Teach him or her to be in the lane instead of the shoulder. You can also let them know to put the cell phone down when they are in the vehicle and concentrate on the road ahead.

The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) has created a YouTube video highlighting the bad driving behavior of some teens. The video features the famous YouTube personality, Zebra. Zebra has been involved in a number of accidents that have killed or injured people. In one incident, Zebra was cited for reckless driving and he hit a three-year-old boy. While in another case, Zebra was cited for dangerous highway driving and he hit an 18-year-old woman. Kids who live on or near highways are more likely to meet with an auto accident involving texting and driving.

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It is important that parents make sure their teen is not using cell phones while they are driving. In addition to teaching kids how to safely use their cars, it is important to teach teens the rules of the road and the dangers of distracted driving. This will reduce the number of accidents that occur. Studies have shown that texting while driving is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents, but this statistic has been changing for the past several years.

Teens should be held responsible for their actions by law. It is not too late to curb texting while driving and get your child safely home before things get out of hand. Distracted driving car accident statistics show that even teens can be severely hurt or killed if they are involved in an accident.