The 5 Modules of eCom Elites Explained

If you are wondering what the 10 modules of the ecom elites course are then you’ve come to the right place. Today we will be looking at the 10 modules in brief detail and showing you exactly what you will be getting if you sign up to this course. Currently the course costs $197.00 and is available to purchase online through the official website.


1, Build Your Store

The first module goes into detail about building your Shopify store which is the platform of choice within this course. You can however use your own platform such as big Commerce or woo Commerce however to follow along step by step you will need to choose Shopify. You will learn how to do all the basics and all the advanced setup requirements to build a fully functioning online store.


  1. Source Products

Anyone can build a store by following instructions however the main reason as to why your store will succeed or fail comes down to the product selection. The course goes through a great deal of content on how to choose effective products and how to find good suppliers that you can work with. In this course there is a strong emphasis on using overseas suppliers which allows you to sell any type of product to any type of customer anywhere in the world. While some courses focus on using USA suppliers this is not a good option if you are based in another country is such as The UK.


  1. Facebook Ads

The preferred way to get sales in this course is to use Facebook ads which is a quick way to generate a lot of targeted traffic to your ecommerce store. You will learn everything you need to know about Facebook ads from the basic setup, to installing your pixel on the website, to creating your very first ad, to scaling your ads, to creating look like audiences, and retargeting campaigns.


  1. Instagram Influencers

Paid ads aren’t for everyone and one of the best ways to promote products is by using Instagram influencers who can share your products with their followers. This can be expensive if you are targeting large influencers such as Kylie Jenner who has over 100 million followers, but can be very affordable if you choose a smaller influencer who may only have 100,000 followers. Either you can ship the product to them and they can review it for free or you can simply pay them for their time and effort in promoting your link in their bio as well as a InstaStory.


  1. Secret Videos

The last module includes a number of secret videos including a topic on warranties and how to increase your average customer cart value. Additionally, there are some other videos which provide a lot of value as well as access to some books that Franklin has created himself.


Now you know the 10 modules that are included in the ecom elites course you are now ready to go out an actually purchased this course if you’d like. This course is definitely not for everyone but has been sold many times to students all over the world and is very popular among ecommerce training reviews on the Internet