The Importance of Holistic Medicine

Many people focus on traditional medicine for a majority of their ailments, but many are turning to holistic medicine for help. These practitioners stress the importance of wellness and focus on the whole body when treating a patient. For example, they may recommend dietary changes or acupuncture for chronic pain or recommend a specific medication. A holistic practitioner will also discuss your lifestyle and may recommend dietary modifications. A holistic health care provider will also use multiple therapies, such as massage therapy and acupuncture.

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A physician using holistic medicine will discuss other factors besides the disease, such as your diet and lifestyle. While a Western doctor focuses on the ailment and performs tests, a holistic doctor will look at the bigger picture to determine what is contributing to the condition. During the course of a consultation, a holistic physician will discuss the causes of your condition and recommend lifestyle changes. If you’re not experiencing any symptoms, your health provider can recommend dietary and lifestyle changes.

While conventional medicine focuses on curing symptoms, holistic medicine focuses on the whole person, including mind and spirit. It seeks to identify and treat the root cause of a patient’s illness. By treating the entire person, holistic physicians can address the emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions of health. This can include the role of family, friends, and society in health promotion. A primary goal of holistic medicine is to provide the best possible care for the individual patient.