Three kinds of sleep apnea, namely central, obstructive, and complex

The occurrence of snoring, long periods of not breathing while sleeping and waking up with headaches at the beginning of the day and being tired after a long night of sleep can indicate sleep problems and could be related to sleep apnea. A doctor can spot the issue and prescribe the correct treatment for sleep apnea however it is still important to know what it’s all about.

Be on the lookout!

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Sleep apnea is not easily diagnosed by medical professionals. There aren’t any standard lab tests to prove the presence of sleep apnea, however if a doctor suspects that sleep apnea is the cause, your spouse or a family member is asked to monitor your sleeping patterns prior to providing any treatment for sleep apnea.

There are three kinds of sleep apnea, namely central, obstructive, and complex. When apnea is obstructive sufferers breathe shallowly during sleep. In central apnea breathing stops and then restarts frequently. In complex apnea, patients show the signs of obstruction apnea however, the condition changes to central apnea if treated with a device designed to relax breathing passageways.

If you don’t take care of it the risk increases of suffering from heart attacks and high blood pressure diabetes, stroke and overweight. The likelihood of having workplace-related accidents is significant because you are distracted and are tired – you could be able to fall asleep even when driving or talking! This is the way that apnea severe can cause havoc to your daily life.

The treatment for sleep apnea/s

There are a variety of solutions for sleep apnea such as oral devices, surgeries, and breathing devices like continuous positive Airway Pressure, or CPAP.


There are a variety of invasive or surgical sleep apnea therapies available for patients suffering from obstructive sleep airway obstruction. Removal of enlarge adenoids or tonsils or uvulopalatopharneoplasty is commonly done on patients with the condition.

Another option, geniotubercle advance is to adjust the jawbone so that it can position the tongue in a way that allows the airways from any obstruction. This is done when the uvulopalatopharneoplasty is not effective.

The surgeons can also perform the hyoid myotomy during the geniotubercle progression. The hyoid (or bone) located in the neck’s upper and frontal regions is moved to move the base of the tongue. The risk of complications is low, but they could result in the anesthesia of the dental nerve or the appearance of a skin lump beneath the eye and the nose. The procedure is costly, difficult, and the outcomes aren’t always certain.

Apnea treatment that is painless and more secure than other sleep disorders. treatment


In the case of sleep apnea common to all and sleep apnea, an CPAP is proven to be efficient. A tube that connects the mouth or nose as well as both of them to the device can provide the pressure required to force air through the airways. This is recommended for patients suffering from central and sleep apnea with obstruction. The pressure is adjusted depending on the condition of the patient. The device must be worn every night , however, if in comparison to costly surgery and unpredictability of results, CPAP is the better choice.

CPAPs are usually insured, and those with higher quality. They can also be rented to own, that way, you can select the most appropriate CPAP to suit your needs prior to having decide to purchase the device.

Dental Appliances

The people who aren’t eligible for CPAP are given dental devices. They are expensive and painful. Patients who utilized dental devices as part of their sleep apnea treatment had excessive dry mouth, excessive salivation and shifts in the position of their teeth. Patients who use dental devices should see their dentist frequently.