Tips To Choose Green Chalk Paint

Green chalkboard paint is made from special chalk powder that has been specially formulated to resist the elements such as heat and moisture. Therefore, if you are looking to buy this product, it is essential that you should be sure that you are using a dry and soft chalk. This is because if you are using hard or brittle chalks, they will not be able to stand up to the extreme conditions of your studio apartment. In addition to this, if you are painting on a wooden surface, make sure that it is totally free of any oil or grease.

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Before using green chalk paint on your painting task, you should first prepare the surface on which you will be using it. The surface should be completely clean and all dust particles must have been removed. It is advisable to spray the surface with a light coat of primer before you use any type of paint, as this will help in providing a glossy finish to your project. In fact, you can also use black paint to achieve a similar effect, as black does absorb a lot of light from the atmosphere.

You may choose between using spray paints and liquid paints. If you are going to use spray paints, you must ensure that you do not go over the limit of the available space as spraying paints over your work area may result in causing damage to the surface underneath. It would also be a good idea to go in for quality products that are reputed to be made from 100% natural chalk and are chemical-free. You can find these types of products from online suppliers as well as retail stores. Another option is to buy a small amount of green chalk paint in bulk and use it paint on your surfaces.