Tree Benefits For Your Yard

One of the most popular types of gardening is to grow trees and many people wonder what tree benefits there are that you can get from planting a tree in your yard. The truth is that there are quite a few benefits of planting a tree, whether you are planting for ornamentation or for food production or both. One of the best tree benefits is that of improving your air quality in your yard. Trees will shade your yard, which will help to cut down on the amount of time that you have to use the air conditioner to cool off in the summertime and to keep the leaves on the ground so that they don’t blow away into the air.

Another of the tree benefits is that they can increase the property value of your home. This is because of the fact that shade trees will block the sun from directly hitting your windows and then reflecting them back into your home. Shrubs and hedges can do the same thing, but they will do it at a much smaller scale. Shrubs will shade the trees around them, while hedges will do the same thing on a smaller scale. When you plant shade trees and shrubs around your house, they will significantly reduce the amount of electricity that you have to use to cool off your house during the hot part of the day and they will also increase the property value of your home when the leaves start to fall off your trees.

Perhaps one of the most talked about tree benefits is that urban trees will improve your air quality. Trees will naturally filter the air, but when you plant an urban tree in your yard you will be doing it at an even higher elevation. This means that not only will the air quality improve but it will be purified of any pollutants that might be floating around in the air. Urban trees have filters in them because they need to breath air in order to survive, so it is only natural that they would need to filter the air they breathe out as well. As long as you plant these trees on top of other trees in your yard you will be getting the full benefit of having a tree planted in your yard.