What is Home Security?

Home security basically consists of both people’s personal protection techniques and the security hardware installed in a home. Security hardware generally includes locks, windows, alarm systems, lighting,and security cameras. These measures are meant to protect your possessions, your family, your home, your environment, and yourself from intrusion or harm. Most home intruders have no money nor do they care about your personal safety, they only care about their money. If you feel that someone has been entering your home without permission or is harming you or your loved ones then call the police immediately so that they can investigate the crime scene.

Argus Home Security Solutions

The way most modern burglary devices operate is by detecting the presence of an open window, doors, or any other form of obvious entry such as a ladder or rickety steps. If the alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to the monitoring center where trained personnel monitor your home security system. The monitored center will contact the local police, the bomb squad, or other authorities for you in case of an emergency. In the event of a burglary or home invasion, the monitoring center team will notify the proper authorities so that they can respond to the situation.

Home security systems consist of motion detectors, closed circuit televisions, burglar alarms, and other electronic devices which are set off based on patterns of movement detected in the area. Many intruders disable or set off these security systems so that they cannot be detected by the monitoring center. This allows them to go inside and attack your possessions. Home security systems are typically used to prevent intruders from entering the premises and stealing the residents possessions.