What is the Exam Management System?

Examination management is the process of ensuring that all reports are produced in a timely manner and by the most qualified personnel. A paper can be produced by an instructor in a class, within a group of students at school, or in an organisation as part of a training programme. All of these methods require different approaches to the production of the report card. In a classroom it might be more appropriate to have one instructor grading the papers, although for larger organisations the whole academic year can be managed through the examination management system. For example, if you have a new teaching role with the local college you could move the exams around every year or perhaps even every few years in order to achieve a higher mark or avoid failing the tests.

Most local schools have their own examination management systems set up, but often the paper will still be graded by the same official body. The exams are usually administered in the autumn and winter term and there will be an examination centre nearby where you can sit and earn your exams. The exams consist of multiple choice questions which test your knowledge of the subject and there is usually also a short written section. It is important to prepare thoroughly for the exams, both in terms of preparation and also in researching the material that will be covered.


You can get a copy of the examination management system certificate which will list all of the grading standards used for each examination. You should also get a full understanding of the grading system and how the certificate will be awarded. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the entire examination management process from the start so that you know what to expect and you can prepare your self for the exams. If you are looking for additional help then the local school head teacher or a member of staff from the school office should be able to give you more information.