Why Do You Need Car Survey For Your Crashed Car?

Having insurance for your car is a good decision to prevent even more loss from unlucky accidents. But why do you need car survey for your crashed car? The damages you suffer could be seen as clear as a day. But still, the insurance company won’t just let you proceed with the claim yet. You would still need to prepare various things before you can propose the claim. One of the things you’d need to do is a kfz gutachter dortmund. How exactly the survey could help with the procedures? Here are the reasons why you would need a car survey for your crashed car.

The main reason is that the insurance company would need the kfz gutachter dortmund to determine the damage on the crashed car. There are some limits on how much and how little the insurance would cover the damage on the crashed car. Whichever you case was, there would still be a report to make before you can go on further with the claim process. The report which you need to submit should be independent from both the insurer’s and the insured’s party. This is to prevent the bias in the report. If the one who writes the report from each party, there could be additional or missing information on the details regarding the damages. Of course you wouldn’t want that to happen. Every person who subscribed to insurance would want the company to cover their unexpected expenses. In this case, a missing information could cause the claim to be invalid because of the minimum damage limit. Even exaggerating the damage also wouldn’t help because there is also the upper limit of the damage coverage.

The damage report would be valid if a person who is an expert in the field is the one who writes it. The thing that defines the expertise would be the qualifications on either mechanical or automobile engineering. The surveyors for different types of insurance would also need the qualifications from the related field. They would also need to apply to the insurance regulatory authority before they could be appointed as a surveyor. The insurance authority also keeps the list of the surveyors in the country and everyone could access it on the internet. The name of the authority in each country might be different, but the overall function and procedures are still the same.

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Car survey would be necessary if the estimated damage exceeds a certain limit depending on the policy. Without a proper damage report from a car surveyor, it is most certainly that you would not be able to go further with the claim. If the insured has not met a satisfactory result, then an approach to the insurance ombudsman could be done. Although as the insured you could appoint your own surveyor, but the rules from the insurance policy would make it difficult. Besides, you have to spend your own money to pay for the surveyor’s services. Why do you need kfz gutachter dortmund for your crashed car? Because it is the only way for you to proceed with the claim after suffering a certain degree of car damage.