You can stay cool in Dubai by taking a family-friendly vacation

Before you set off for Dubai, it is important to take safety precautions. Dubai is a safe place for solo travellers. However, it’s not the most social area to travel alone. To make friends and find the closest taxi, book a homestay or use a taxi-hailing application. Smart Taxi, a smartphone app available for free that functions like Uber, is also available.

When you visit Dubai, remember to observe Ramadan’s dress code. Tradition and modesty are crucial this time of year. You can participate in the iftar celebrations, even though most people don’t eat dinner until after sunset. These are great opportunities to meet locals and learn about their culture. Although you may be the only foreigner present at these iftars they are worth it if your adventurous spirit takes you there.

British citizens are subject to certain restrictions before you can travel to Dubai. Passengers under 12 years old or who have certain medical conditions are exempt. Passengers with a Covid-19 certificate of recovery can travel without needing to take a Covid exam. This certificate must be presented at the latest 30 days prior to departing for Dubai. You should check if your travel requirements vary if you are a citizen of another nation.

Before you travel, you will need to pass a COVID-19 (PCR) test. A copy of your PCR results must be submitted four days before you travel. You must submit your PCR results in Arabic or English. An approved laboratory must issue the certificate. Your certificate must be issued in Dubai before you can use it. You’ll first need to register in the COVID-19-DXB app.

Avoid getting carried away by illicit drugs. Dubai has zero tolerance for drugs. You must have prescription medication with you. Public displays of affection should be avoided. You’ll be fine if you’re just visiting Dubai for a few days. Keep away from the gay scene. Also, you should keep cool. It is not possible to risk being robbed of assaulted or robbed if you are agitated.

Your children can join you on the journey. Many restaurants offer child-friendly meals that aren’t as costly as higher-end options. For small children, though, Dubai can be dangerous during the hottest months. You will have plenty of time to explore Dubai if you choose the right time.

Before you travel to Dubai, ensure you have met all visa requirements. While UAE residents and visitors are allowed to travel to Dubai without a visa for their own personal use, they must comply with certain requirements. For foreigners, you must undergo the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine test. The QR code that indicates full vaccination must be printed on the certificate. This must be done before you can travel to the country. You can find more information on the “What to Bring?” section.