Types of Trees That Grow Tall

There are two general types of trees depending on their foliage; evergreen and deciduous; Deciduous plants are those whose leaves lose their green coloring and turns brown, red or orange in the fall, usually in autumn; whereas evergreen trees, as the name connotes, continue to have their foliage green even after the leaves have turned brown. While both are popular and beautiful, there is considerable difference in the growth habits, appearance, hardiness and costs of the two. Evergreen trees are native to North America, specifically the eastern U.S., as well as many parts of Canada, and they can grow to a very large size. They do require relatively good soil conditions, good water supply and regular pruning. They do need a lot of space and can be quite expensive to maintain.

The other two tree types are deciduous. These trees do not have leaves that drop off at the end of each day. These trees are shade loving and good for people who live in shaded areas. However, some deciduous varieties can become susceptible to insects and diseases if the right conditions are not met. The evergreen family, which includes maple, oak, birch, boxwood, beech, cherry, pear, plum and walnut, are the most popular trees for shade. They may require little care and maintenance, though they do require periodic pruning to ensure that they remain healthy.

On the other hand, flowering trees are known for their showy flowers that add to their beauty and color. The most common flowering types are the poplar, hibiscus, tulip poppy and the gardenia. These flowers open with a soft peachy color, lasting for about three weeks. Flowering types can also be used as centerpieces for gardens, providing accentual color and beauty to any area. However, it is best to have deciduous trees as specimens because they do not require much care after flowering.

Deciduous types and flowering trees do not only have one common trait. They all grow, even when left unattended. When it comes to types of trees that need to be maintained, an evergreen tree stands out as the only type that cannot be bothered by insects or diseases.

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The deciduous variety, which has a hard wood and hardy nature, is perfect for balconies and walkways. Some types of trees that have hard wood are the sycamore, hickory, cedar and redwood. Sycamore and cedar trees grow to a height of more than 30 feet. Hickory is known for its ability to grow to a height of more than 50 feet.

If you want beautiful flowers and color in your garden, you should consider planting some deciduous trees. The shape and size of these trees will give your home an elegant look. You can place them in your deck, patio, garden or along your driveway for a very attractive outdoor living space.